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Hollywood Acne: Dealing with Nature & Young Stars
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"Can someone tell me why young stars never have acne?" This month in the Doctor's Lounge, Dr. Leonard Lerner discusses what causes acne and what you can do to keep it to a minimum. "Everyone's a candidate for acne but Hollywood knows how to stop it dead in its tracks. And it involves understanding what causes it, the preventive measures we take to control it and which cosmetics the industry's top makeup artists use to hide what's left of it. "

Hazardous Material!!! It may come as a surprise to many people but no, the government doesn't regulate cosmetic ingredients. Should you worry? Well, there's an argument for both sides. As far as most makeup artists in Hollywood are concerned, natural is the way to go but you can get yourself into trouble there too. Knowledge is the key. Read how one Hollywood makeup artist handles the issues when it comes to both skin care and cosmetics in our "Cosmetics" section.

With Free-radicals and Anti-oxidants all the rage these days, my clients have to know: Fact or Fiction. For Hollywood, it's a matter of star-longevity and the cost be damned. For my regular patients, it's more a question of money. If it works, they'll spend the money. If it doesn't, they rely on me to tell them so. So what's the answer? Well, let's just say I'm happy to have the opportunity to separate fact from fiction and give you the straight story on what I recommend and what my clients do in this month's "Vitamins & Supplements".